At Oswego against the Speed Sport dragster.  He had a red light and shut it down.
Hey a win is a win!!

In the pits at Oswego toward the end of the 1964 season.

Getting ready to push start at Lake Geneve Dragway, Lake Geneva, WI.   This was the
 meet of the 1964 season,   The best speed for the year was 163.64, the lowest E.T.
9.07 at Oswego Dragway on November 1, 1964.  Unfortunatly we were unable to back
these up for the new speed and E.T. Fuel Flathead records due to the season ending.

A kind of nasty day, May 30,1965, Memorial Day Weekend.  This was Sunday at Oswego Dragway,
feeling that the car could still do better the fuel was changed from straight alky to 70% alky and 30%
nitro.  We made 1 run blowing 2 head gaskets out and shutting down just before the lights.  The run
 great!   Speed 176.00, E.T. 9.04