The car was assembled. On June 11, 2006 with the whole family and several neighbors present the car was pushed
 into the street and started for the first time.The grandsons loved sitting on the big tires. During the
next two days the car
was started several times and adjustments made.

A note about the car: When this project was started the idea was to make a car to be displayed and fired up. Also I
tried to keep the car as period correct as possible.  Also knowing that at the shows and cruise nights it would be
impossible to push start the car the original starter was put on and a high output racing battery mounted on a bracket
 on top of the transmission (out of sight).  Also in the interest of safety the coupler between the
transmission and
 rearend was left out. Making it impossible for the car to move under it's own power.

On June 14th 2006 the car made it's first public appearence at the National Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY.
 The tow to Bowling Green was a lot of fun as we had an open trailer and everyone who passed us saw the car
 gave the thumbs up sign.

The Draglist.Com Nationals at Eddyville, IA on July 15th 2006.