At the start of this section I mentioned the first run with the car was on May 4th at the Don Maynard Memorial meet.  At this
the hot cars were pushed onto the track just behind the finish line to be push started.  I was just off of the track next
to run after the
Mike Marinoff Willys.  I am strapped in ready to go watching the Willys come down the track.  Just before
the lights, something
happened and the Willys became airborne.  It rolled a couple of times before stopping on the track in
 front of me.  Now picture
yourself strappedin a new untried dragster and and having a car roll in front of you.  This could
 almost make you want to pack up
and go home and bring the new car out next week instead.  We stayed to make one
run and found the windshield was to low
causing me to be almost blinded by an oil leak from the back blower.  Back to the
 garage to remake the windshield for next Sunday.

This is the first action picture of the car that I have.  This was the Top Eliminator run at the
 Des Moines Dragway in Des Moines, IA on August 4, 1963.   Yes I did win!!

Oswego Dragway, Oswego, IL    during the 1963 season.